• 22 September 2022



Obesity is still widespread and with it health risks such as diabetes and cardiovascular diseases, and 20 percent of all deaths today are the result of overeating or malnutrition. To change this, the focus is on exercise and a healthy diet. Natural vital substances also help to burn fat 24 hours a day and to change the metabolism in general.

The article in the "Süddeutsche Zeitung" entitled "Nutrition is and remains the greatest risk factor for health" should be a wake-up call. Right at the start, the author Berit Uhlmann goes into full swing and writes: "The situation is paradoxical, even frustrating from the point of view of some experts. The majority of people in Germany want to eat healthily. Year after year, the desire for more health-promoting food is found in the top New Year's resolutions', says Laura König, a psychologist at the University of Bayreuth at a health forum organised by the Süddeutsche Zeitung. 'There have also been information campaigns for decades, and studies show that knowledge about healthy eating is steadily increasing.' And yet none of this is reflected in the body shapes of Germans. Obesity is still widespread and with it health risks such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease. 'Nutrition is and remains the biggest risk factor for health - in Germany as well as worldwide,' said nutritional physician Hans Hauner from the Technical University of Munich during the forum: 20 per cent of all deaths today are the result of overeating or malnutrition."

Simple nutrition rules help to stay healthy

Yet it would be so easy to eat healthy, as Prof. Dr. Hans Hauner points out in the article. The ten rules of the German Nutrition Society offer good orientation. They include

 Enjoy food variety

Vegetables and fruit - have "5 a day

Choose whole grains

Supplement the selection with animal foods

Use health-promoting fats

Cut down on sugar and salt

Drink water best

Prepare food gently

Eat mindfully and enjoy

Watch your weight and keep moving

A quarter of adults are overweight

The dangers of being overweight (obesity) are everywhere. In England and Scotland, according to a study, more people have died from obesity than from the effects of smoking in recent years. Between 2013 and 2017, smoking-related deaths in the countries fell by almost four percentage points to 19 per cent, while those related to obesity increased by more than five percentage points to just over 23 per cent, according to the study. According to official figures, almost two thirds of citizens in Great Britain are too fat. We also have this problem in Germany. Two-thirds of men and half of women are overweight, and a quarter of adults are even severely overweight.

One problem is that there is still no effective medicine against morbid obesity. On the other hand, it is of course important to first try everything to lose weight and feel good without medication. Exercise and a healthy diet are particularly important. The World Health Organisation (WHO) recommends getting one hour of exercise a day. This includes walking to the bakery and taking the stairs instead of the lift. That is a good start. Those who want to exercise more intensively need an individually tailored exercise programme, preferably in consultation with their doctor.

Natural vital substances help burn fat 24 hours a day

Natural vital substances also provide further support. Natura Vitalis has developed the innovative metabolism cure "IQ28". Besides protein and amino acids, sufficient vitamins and minerals play an extremely important role for a well-functioning metabolism. These substances are contained in "IQ28". This in turn leads to a 24-hour fat burning process. In the natural metabolic state, the stored fats are released and converted in the liver into so-called ketones, which are used instead of carbohydrates for all cells to produce energy.

Meanwhile, it is also known that L-carnitine plays an important role in the energy metabolism in humans and animals as well as in plant cells. This means that a person with a fast metabolism burns off a lot of the energy that he or she has taken in through food. This therefore accelerates weight loss through sport, diets and dietary changes.

In addition to the 24-hour fat burning, natural vital substances also help with the general conversion of the metabolism. The Natura Vitalis product "Keto28" contains exogenous, i.e. externally supplied, ketones. These are chemical compounds in the liver that are used instead of carbohydrates for all cells to produce energy. The great advantage of exogenous ketones: While people who want to lose weight have to wait up to twelve weeks for endogenous ketones (ketones produced by the body itself) to take effect, exogenous ketones, i.e. ketones supplied from outside, take effect within just 60 minutes! This means that after taking the Keto28 product, the body is already in a state of ketosis within just 60 minutes.

Change your eating habits for the long term

Balance also applies to the diet. Lots of fruit and vegetables, little fat and sugar, and at the same time about two litres of water a day - this will lead you to your goal in the long run. If you really want to lose weight, you cannot avoid changing your eating habits in the long term. Equally important: a sufficient supply of healthy, natural vital substances. These include protein and the amino acids it contains. They help you reach your desired weight and then maintain it. Because protein makes you feel fuller for longer, and your body needs calories to burn it off. Most importantly, protein also prevents you from losing muscle instead of fat when you lose weight.

CLA, a natural polyunsaturated fatty acid, also helps eliminate belly fat quickly. CLA boosts fat burning, reduces fat absorption from food and lowers levels of the protein leptin, which causes weight gain. Vitamin C also contributes to normal energy metabolism. Magnesium, zinc, chromium, iodine and also biological substances such as green coffee have also proven to be great weight loss supporters.

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