• 21 September 2022



Healthy fingernails have a smooth surface without ridges and grooves, a normal shine, a slightly pink colouring, a slightly suggested curvature, a certain elasticity and a normal nail moon. And healthy hair clearly shows the state of the metabolism and the hidden physical inner life.

When we think of our fingernails and toenails, we think first and foremost of body care. Our nails should be well-groomed and look good. But do we also think about our health when we look at our fingers and feet? No? But we should, after all, our nails send out signs when something is wrong with our general condition.

Healthy fingernails have a smooth surface without ridges or grooves, a normal shine, a light pink colouring, a slight curvature, a certain elasticity and a normal nail moon. And what about you? Do you have healthy fingernails or do you notice any changes? For example, thickening and curvature, upward curvature, whitish clouding, discolouration and stains, transverse grooves and furrows, brittle and flaking areas and, and, and? All' these features indicate various health difficulties, up to the risk of heart and lung diseases.

Varnish and nail care products cannot "repair" brittleness

But most of the time there is a lack of important nutrients. If you don't eat enough iron, minerals such as natural calcium and magnesium, and trace elements, you are putting your nail health and aesthetics at risk. Because hand on heart: who wants to have fingernails with deep grooves and a brittle surface? That is why it is important to supply the body regularly and in sufficient quantities with natural vital substances. With polish or nail care products you can only disguise brittleness, but not "repair" it!

Particularly important substances are the vitamins B 3 (niacin), B1 (thiamine), B5 (pantothenic acid), B6 and B12. Among other things, these contribute to a normal function of the nervous system - and this also has a positive effect on our nails. The alga bladderwrack (Fucus vesiculosus) is also a high-dose star. It is characterised by the fact that it has a broad spectrum of various interesting natural individual compounds such as amino acids, minerals, trace elements and vitamins.

Hair is not only protection for the head

Silicon should also be on the menu of natural vital substances. After all, the trace element is found in many places in our body where it is particularly important for support, strength, elasticity and suppleness - silicon is even THE trace element par excellence for nails, hair and skin.

Speaking of hair: Human hair is not only protection for the head and there to be made pretty. It also reveals a lot about our health. Because brittle hair, split ends, dandruff, premature greying, sudden oily scalp or even hair loss are not foreseen by nature - and not a fate we have to surrender to. Nature shows us how: Since the existence of the earth, there has never been an animal in the wild that would have prematurely turned grey or that could not have been proud of its splendour of hair until the end of its life.

Do you want to achieve the same? Then take a closer look at your metabolism. Our hair shows very clearly how our metabolism and the hidden inner life of our body is doing. If the metabolism is out of balance, we can see it immediately, no matter how well we take care of our hair. But this also shows that if you have your metabolism under control, the problems on your head will disappear all by themselves - so you can eat beautiful hair!

A multitude of vitamins, amino acids, proteins and fatty acids are good for the hair.

Fullness and volume, growth, shine and colour always come from the hair roots - or not. For this to happen, hair roots and scalp must be supplied with nutrients in sufficient quantities. A comprehensive, balanced supply of special natural substances and vitamins is the best foundation for a beautiful and shiny head of hair, which you cannot achieve with purely external care products. Hair roots can also be strengthened and revitalised in this way.

The natural vital substances that promote a healthy head of hair over the years and decades include a variety of vitamins as well as amino acids, proteins and fatty acids. Equally important: iron. If the body has too little of it, this is often reflected in thinning and diminishing hair. So we should also take in this vital substance regularly. And zinc, biotin, L-methionine and L-cysteine promote the formation of keratin, a protein and the main component of human hair.

Natura Vitalis, as a leading specialist in natural vital substances for the promotion of fingernails, skin and hair, has developed the vital product "Skin - Hair - Nails" in capsule form. The "Skin - Hair - Nails" capsules implement the well-known folk wisdom "True beauty comes from within" par excellence. Deeply effective substances ensure the correct and important nourishment of fingernails, hair and skin via the blood circulation.

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